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House passes warrantless abortion clinic inspections

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baby-400The Women’s Health Protection Act, HB 2284, passed on Thursday in the Arizona House. The bill passed on a voice vote and will now head to the Senate for a roll-call vote next week.

The bill would make abortion clinics subject to the same unannounced inspections that currently apply to other medical offices.

Republican state Rep. Debbie Lesko told ADI in a Feb. 18 interview, “The reason for me sponsoring this bill is I was quite surprised that only abortion clinics” couldn’t be inspected without a warrant.

“I think that inspections of abortion clinics should be brought in line” with what applies to every other health facility in Arizona, she said. “They are all subject to unannounced inspections” by the Department of Health Services.

“You need to get an administrative search warrant,” which “could take several days,” even if a complaint was made against the abortion facility, Lesko said.

She said Philadelphia abortionist and convicted murderer Kermit Gosnell – whose abortion clinic was called the “House of Horrors” – is “an important example” of what can happen when “women are not respected.”

Regardless of one’s views on abortion, Lesko said, there should be a verified “healthy environment” at clinics.

In a case before the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals a settlement was reached that provided for a warrant to be required for abortion clinic inspections. Since that time, Arizona adopted comprehensive clinic regulations.

Dexter Duggan contributing

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  1. Its time for the republican legislature to stop playing the role of morality police and get down to the business of creating jobs and improving the economy.

    • Wayne B (rain) says:

      From the article: The bill would make abortion clinics subject to the same unannounced inspections that currently apply to other medical offices.

      Excuse me, John but what is a good reason that abortion clinics should get special inspection privileges? They should be able to lie, cheat and use substandard medical practices because… well, you mentioned morality. Maybe you believe they should be special because they have no morality – so why bother inspecting? Interesting theory.

  2. “Surprise” inspections were/are allowed on business owners that belong to Tea Party applicants to the IRS for 501c4 status. 26 different times according to the last report.